History Lessons!

Every good ren-faire-ian knows their stuff; the most unfortunate thing one will ever encounter is a person who knows absolutely nothing about the medieval or renaissance periods. There are more embarrassing things in life, to be sure, but “uneducated ren-faire-ian” is up in the top five. You don’t want to be on that list. Do you?

Grab a quill and parchment. You have some learning to do.

If you’re looking for how to speak, go to our Words and Language page.


Titles, Positions, Trades, and Classes

The social constructs of the Medieval/Renaissance period differ severely from what we are used to nowadays. Of course, everyone knows about Kings and Queens and other popularized terms like Jester, Bard, Knight, and Friar. But do you know what a Culdee is? Or an Armiger? Or Almoner? Majordomo? Gleeman?

THIS LINK will take you to a wonderfully informative .pdf that has 129 different terms for you to acquaint yourself with. They are even separated into locations and broad categories, such as “Peasantry”, “Castle Workers”, “Nobility”, and the like. It is important to think about the intricate social structure when you are choosing where your character is from, and where they are going.


Still interested?

Museum Replicas has a great Learning Center, with videos and info in a variety of subjects.

THIS SITE Is a great basic place to start if you want to poke around into more medieval life. This site is especially good for tips on being in a ren faire, how to stay in character, and so forth.

THIS SITE is another good overview. Their pages are brief but concise, and the site isn’t as overwhelming as some of the bigger ones.

www.medievalists.net is a more modern site with articles, videos, and much more. If you have some time, take a look.

Of course, if you want to get more into the gritty dates and people and history, go take a look at the Middle Ages Wiki Page or the Renaissance Wiki Page.

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