It’s all in the Name

Naming your character is one of the most important parts of ren-faire-ing. Not only do you have to take into account the time period, but also the nationality. Sure, you could always just call yourself “John” But if you want a more unique, suitable name and/or surname, you’ve got to do a bit of research.

Note: this is for historically accurate naming. If you’re set on a “fantasy-based” name like Tanloramth or Meristanya or Mindumesya or Avulalith, then we won’t stop you. Maybe.

The following sites are great for all your historical naming needs.



The Medieval Names Archive has lots and lots of links to other naming sites. Literally dozens. Maybe Hundreds. More than twenty nationalities, divided up by time period. You’ll probably be able to find something here. It also has sources for naming Things, such as “places, ships, buildings, clans, military units, and orders of chivalry.” Worth diving into.

Click here to browse through more names than you’ll ever know what to do with. (scroll down to find the culture list)

Click here to browse through medieval names for “Things”


If the Medieval Names Archive is too huge and daunting, here are some smaller-scale options.

Top 50 Women’s names, divided by century.

English Renaissance names, both men and women.

Italian Renaissance names, both men and women.

Top 100 Medieval Boy names (and their meanings!)

Top 100 Medieval Girl names (And their meanings!)


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