Greenwood Faire 2013–by Bobbie Bertsch

June may be best known for being the wedding month, but for Richland, Washington it means another Greenwood Renaissance Faire! Time travel to the Elizabethan period with a trip to a beautiful park set on the banks of the Columbia River. Enjoy a family day at the faire by eating turkey legs, watching period performers, and even try your hand at splashing someone in the stocks. Ale and Rum not your cup of tea? Greenwood presents a lavish brewing booth that you can get honey ale, root beer, or even cream beer! All non-alcoholic for the younger patrons of the faire. Or walk next door to grab a coffee beverage or Italian soda. Not thirsty, how about watching some of the entertainers? Seattle knights make a smash hit at Greenwood with their live jousting and melee fights. Cheer for your favorite teams as you watch them battle it out to see who wins. Or sit down to enjoy a Shakespeare play at the Queens stage. Just be ready to bow and shout “God save the Queen” as she makes her rounds about the faire. How about a laugh at the puppet show, comedic magicians, or daring to assist in a jugglers show? Move your hips with the exotic beauty of the belly dancers, clap with the English country dancing group, or sing along with the musicians and choir. There are spectacles for all ages. If you have ever wanted to know what it would be like to be part of the royal guard, just grab a lance and join the march as they parade around the faire and teach you the guard routine. Maybe you are looking for the finishing touch to complete your renaissance costume? No problem! With venders selling gloves, hats, belts, vests, skirts, pouches, or even a critter to sit on your shoulder you can’t go wrong. Or buy a completely new outfit that is renaissance accurate. Greenwood presents an atmosphere that leaves the modern world outside of your thoughts. From the renaissance enthusiasts in full costumes, to the ladies needle working, to the blacksmiths hammering away, your time travel feels complete.

Celebrating their 28 year, they certainly know how to portray the 1580’s over seen by the regal Queen Elizabeth herself. Although we are not invited to this faire for the superb fighting troupe that we are, our presence is still very much need. Greenwood Faire can host as many as 8 different stages, and someone needs to make sure the performers don’t run wild. Starting our travels on the Thursday before the faire, we traverse to Richland and arrive at Three Rivers just in time to camp out at the park. We rise and sort of shine to help the Greenwood Players create their Elizabethan time travel. After a full Friday of work, we are finally all set for our audience! Manning the stages is about more than just getting after artisans for running over their allotted time, but also being part of the faire’s atmosphere. We sit with the audience and participate in helping establish that they have set foot into another world. And if the Queen decides to make an appearance at your stage, be sure to have a loud enough voice to stop the show. Just a tip, you might get in trouble if the Queen hears you yelling “God shave the Queen!” After two hard days of watching musicians, jugglers, actors, and a wide array of Elizabethan performers, it’s time to pack up and go home. After sleeping in tents at the park for three nights, we are all calling for our beds. Thus begins the trip home and a 2 am arrival at the treasure valley. Looking forward to next year!