Welcome to the Sawtooth Renaissance Players website! We are an Idaho-based group with a shared passion for all things renaissance. We’re glad you’re here! We are always looking for new people to share in the fun. But what do we do, you might ask?

First, about the people. Our group is filled with people of all ages that come from a variety of backgrounds with a hugely varying skill-set. We have those who are trained in stage combat, those who have been involved in musical theater their whole lives, those who are trained musicians, and more! There is a piece of history, of the renaissance lifestyle, that everyone can relate to. No matter what skills you have, there is room to develop them (or start new ones) !

Next, what we do. We are a floating group of “players”, which means that we provide atmosphere, immersion, and entertainment in a variety of settings. Some members perform choreographed swordfights with live steel at events ranging from Ren Faires to Fandemonium. Some members provide mini-tutorials at Faires about things like textile weaving. Others spend their energy perfecting a character so that visitors to a ren-faire can meet people that seem to be from that long-gone era, whether this be through music, old religion, or almost anything else. We collectively visit several local faires throughout the year, but we also travel to others, two notable ones being the Spokane Renaissance Faire and the Greenwood Faire. As we expand, other travel options will be within our grasp!

Now, about this website. We have a ton of resources available, so feel free to explore all the tabs above! For firsthand accounts of our faire experiences, visit the “Stories of the Past” link under “The Players.” Need some help finding something specific for your character? Look under “Renaissance Resources”. The Gallery has pictures from our adventures, and the page titled “Join us!” is the place you want to go to send us a membership inquiry.

Thanks for Visiting!