Meet the Pirates

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Logan Hellings

Logan Hellings hails formerly from Bristol, England. While in Bristol he was a court musician and tutor to the Earl of Bristol’s daughter Mary. Due to the growing affection between Mary and Logan the Earl set his men on him for their indiscretion. The aftermath of this attack resulted in 3 of the Earl’s men dead with several others injured. Logan fled the Earl’s castle and managed to gain passage on a merchants ship just leaving port. After several weeks at sea the merchants ship was attacked and boarded by Capt. Raven LaPooPoo and his crew. When offered the chance to become a member of the crew Logan stepped up to the challenge and joined them. He quickly became popular with the crew with his musical abilty and outrageous stories. Logan has found life on the high seas to his liking–and his purse.



Fire Hazard

I lived by the sea. I was a barmaid in my father’s tavern. One drunken night I was “recruited” to be the pirates cook and they sailed before I came to. They weren’t pleased with my cooking and I was worried for my safety. Then, while the pirates were attacking a merchant ship, they started to lose. I grabbed a gun and threatened to shoot a barrel of gunpowder, killing everyone. The pirates won and I became one of the crew. That’s also how I came by the name ‘Fire Hazard’.

I like the new name so much I haven’t spoken my true name in over 20yrs.




Reagan Hunter

Regan Hunter, born in the fishing village of Maidens on the west coast of Scotland, is a fiery lass who claims decent from the Great Robert the Bruce, who was born only a stones throw away from her own cottage. Maidens being by  far the safest harbor along the coastline during storms, she grew up dandled on the knees of her kinsmen sailors, listening to tales of the sea from travelers far and wide.  When she was but a child of eleven, the brave men of the Hunter clan marched to battle at Pinky Clough, and almost to a man, were slaughtered by the English oppressors on Black Saturday. Left without brothers, fathers, or uncles, the women of the village struggled to survive. Regan, at home on the deck of ship before she could well walk, took to the sea, and before a year was out she was sailing under the pirate flag of the blackguard Captain Raven LaPoopoo, renowned for preying upon the vessels of the hated English Crown.
Her adventurous life is deemed reckless at best and criminal at worst, and Regan has earned a reputation among her crew mates of living up to her name, which means ‘furiously impulsive’ in old Scots.  She engages in the occasional dalliance and has always enjoyed a good drinking game. Few would dare a quarrel with her blade or bull whip, which came in practice during the upbringing on her family farm herding cattle.  But she has a secret no one knows: the lion’s share of everything she earns is sent home to her mother and siblings, who would have perished long since without it.




Born in the wilderlands of northern Ireland, little else is known about the origins of the druidess Áine. She has studied extensively in the druidic practices but has also studied in various other locations of great knowledge, traveling through the east for a greater portion of her life. Her garb is influenced both by the garments worn in her homeland and also the bright, festive traditions of the places she has lived in the east. She owes a lifetime of loyalty to the woman Maeve, although the circumstances of this loyalty have remained shrouded in mystery. Never far from Maeve’s side, she exists as both protector and servant and is quiet and reserved in countenance.  While she has great skill as a bard she rarely shows her talents to those whom she does not know well. However, her skills as an artist are often seen, as she offers sketches of a person’s likeness frequently when given an opportunity. If she is not at Maeve’s side,  Áine is often glimpsed away from the crowd, tall staff in hand, as if searching, watching, or waiting. 

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